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Property law

Real estate agreements in Croatia

In relation to real estate transactions, the Law office Marcotulli & Partners takes care of any type of purchase, development, valorisation, management and disposal of real estate for commercial, industrial or tourist purposes, leases, construction contracts.
As a service to clients, we can provide activities related to real estate funds, financial institutions, construction companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts ("Reit") and management companies. The Law office Marcotulli & Partners deals with tax optimization of investments and related financial structures, both from the domestic and international tax aspects.
The Law office Marcotulli & Partners has extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate sector and various types of transactions; is able to offer service of excellence in every aspect, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach and a business-oriented approach: from structuring to the realization of different phases, to bring the project successfully to the end. The Law office Marcotulli & Partners follows closely regulatory changes and new instruments on the real estate market. Only this way it is possible to offer its customers the most innovative solutions.